Our Town Centre

Colne’s Town Centre has changed quite a bit in recent years.  Most people think it has changed for the better.  We’d like it to be even more successful and vibrant – it is Colne’s beating heart.

Policies 1 and 2 our Draft Plan deal with the Town Centre of Colne and what we would like to do to improve it.


  • The Neighbourhood Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) encourages planners to “recognise town centres as the heart of their communities and pursue policies to support their viability and vitality” and to “promote competitive town centres that provide customer choice and a diverse retail offer and which reflect the individuality of town centres”. How would you like our shop fronts to look?
  • Would you like to see more greenery in the Town Centre?
  • Would you like to see the upper section of Market Street redeveloped?
  • Is there sufficient parking or not enough?
  • What kind of signage would you like to see – illuminated or more restrained?
  • Are there too many takeaways? Or not enough?
  • Would you like to see more restaurants and cafes, or fewer?