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The idea behind the CTC Markets is that for just £15 for a day, people can take a market stall and sell whatever they like (within reason!). We want to give you an opportunity to dip your trading toes in the water. At the same time, we hope to create new and exciting offerings for shoppers in Colne without stallholders having to commit to take a regular slot.

We know there are many people who are perhaps hobbyists, crafters, bakers, or collectors who would like to make some money from their pastimes. Perhaps you don’t want the hassle of setting up a business, perhaps you usually sell via online forums, like E-bay, or perhaps you are a charity or community group; The CTC Markets give you a platform in the town centre without any future commitment.

We’ve arranged for the stalls to be pre-erected. We supply a table and a chair and at the end of the day, we pack it all away!

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