Colne’s Community Toilet Scheme

Colne Town Council has developed a Community Toilet Scheme that makes loos freely available in the town centre, thanks to help from local businesses.

Our Community Toilet Scheme enables members of the public to use toilets in shops, cafes, pubs and the market without feeling they have to patronise the business concerned, as all will display the Colne Community Toilet Scheme Logo prominently.

We have four Community Toilet Scheme Members and are working to attract more. This is our response to the closure of Colne’s public toilets. We stepped in to attempt to provide toilet facilities for the public – Colners and visitors, alike.

Colne’s Community Toilet Scheme leaflets are available from the Muni, the Town Hall and Pendle Leisure Centre.

Council Lav Pendle Sandwitch

A) Pendle Sandwitch Bar
Opening Times: Mon – Sat 8am – 5pm

Council Lav Market Hall

B) Colne Market Hall
Opening Times: Mon & Wed – Sat 9am – 5pm

Council Lav Union

C) The Union Exchange
Opening Times: 11.30am – 11pm daily

Council Lav Colne Legion

D) Colne Legion
Opening Times: Sun to Mon 11.30 – 3pm and 7-11pm.  Saturday 11.30am – 11pm